A zone is an area on the map with any number of sides.

It is used to show where places are: like your office, customers, airport, gas stations, states or areas. Also, to assist you with how much time drivers are spending at your customer zones, home zones etc.  Zones are an important part of productivity analysis.  

To add a zone, click the Add Zone button.

To create a zone, first click on a starting point. Continue by clicking points around the perimeter of the area you wish to make a zone, until the first and last points meet. To complete the operation, click the save button.Before the zone is saved, the round markers can be moved. They can also be removed by dragging them off the map.

Once saved, the following details page is shown.

Zones can be imported in bulk, which is quick and easy, particularly if you have a lot of zones.  You can enter an unlimited amount of zones.

Through the use of zones, more meaningful reports can be created within the software, which displays your customer and office location information.The software can now recognize stops within zones, such as customer areas, and also indicate the amount of time spent at these locations.It important to note that zones can be associated to groups as well.  Importing the zones a location will be servicing can speed up the map loading for large organizations.  Be sure that the zones are associated with the correct group to capture accurate customer visit information.  If you have questions on how to properly group zones contact your support team.

To change the shape of a zone, find the zone on the map or search for it in the zones list. Click on the zone and the menu as shown below will appear. Click Change zone shape. The zone points can now be dragged around to edit the shape of the zone. New points can be added by clicking on the zone line and a point removed by dragging it off the map. Click Save changes or Cancel to save or cancel the zone changes.Changing zone properties will affect future data. You can reprocess data to affect data from the past.

Zone Import

Bulk importing zones or customers is a quick way to add zones.

Zones allow useful reports to work such as time at customers or to know when vehicles are stopped at customers, home, or the office.

A Microsoft Excel file is need with one of the two options below

Zones can be removed from the database by left clicking on a zone and selecting edit.  This opens the zone edit window.  Select remove zone.  You will be asked to confirm the removal of the zone and then it will be removed from the database.

Under the zone menu multiple zones can be selected for group assignment or removal at one time.  From the left hand side of the window select the First 500 zones option this will add a selector box to the far right of the zone details.  Use the select all, select none options to quickly select the group to be edited.  To remove zones place a tick in the boxes of all zones to be removed then select remove from the menu. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the selected zones and they will be removed.  

The SDK can be used by a developer to automatically synchronise customers into the system from a completely different application.