To view routes on map and optimize the path- from the route list under the Zones and Messages menu.  Selecting the magnifying glass to the right of the route name will display the route on the map.

Comparing Planned Routes with Actual Trips

In Checkmate 56 users can import routes from a routing and scheduling program and check to see if the driver followed the defined route.  

This process requires the use of the Software Development Kit (SDK) to import the routes into Checkmate.  The routes must be formatted in a csv file with the details of the route name, the stop locations the estimated time to drive to each location as well as the estimated service time at each stop.  Samples are available in the SDK download.

All of the stop locations must be entered entered as unique zones in Checkmate.  

After the route has been completed a report can be generated using the Planned vs. Actual Route Report to highlight stops made out of order, missed stops, and travel or service times that deviate from the plan.