The Text Messaging hub within MyGeotab is located under Zones & Messages -> Text Messages. The hub is used to review and report on historic messages as well as send new messages to one or more devices with a Garmin.
Figure - The Hub - It will not display items until options are specified

Send a New Message

To start the process of sending a new message click on New Message.

Once in the Send GPS Text Messages form, select the recipients, compose a message and choose or create what reply options to give the driver.
Figure - Send GPS Text Messages

·  Selecting Recipients – Select one or multiple recipients by either typing their name in the text box or sifting through the tree by clicking on the down arrow that is next to the text box.

Figure - Recipient Tree

·  Composing a Message – Compose a message of up to 265 characters

·  Reply Options – There are canned responses to choose from or a custom response can be created by separating each possible reply with a comma.

Figure - Custom Reply Option


After the message is sent, a record displaying the user that sent the message and a timestamp will be found under the Audit Log with the label Send GPS Text Message.

Detailed information of the sent message as well as the date time of delivery and the driver’s response, if available, will be displayed in the hub as shown in the image below.
Figure - The Hub displaying sent text messages, delivery date and reply