November 2012

  1. ClickOnce download speed dramatically improved.
  2. As always, continuous focus on performance throughout the system.
  3. Vehicles selected in trips history are automatically chosen when clicking summary - making it easy to see the summarised info for vehicles.
  4. Vehicles list will remember filter after editing and returning, making day to day editing easier.
  5. Exceptions that are mostly meant for reporting can now be set to be hidden on the map. When viewing a trip with these exceptions, they won't appear in the legend or as a color on the trip. This reduces clutter and makes important exceptions visible.

  1. Improve the creating of new zone workflow. Click to create and you directly go to Zone Editor, ready to enter name and tweak other details.
  2. Optimized the layout and information in trips info list:

including a new button to quickly toggle between common map sizes (shown below is the  new condensed trips list when in “large map” mode):

  1. Garmin Hours of Service BETA support.
  2. Map context menu on vehicles:

  1. Historic trips show star for customer stops

  1. Historic trips shows address in tooltip:

  1. Page through more than 500 zones:

  1. Fixed rendering issue in map legend.
  2. Printing of turn by turn directions for routes.
  3. Click on Trip and go to the Accident and Log Details for that trip.

  1. Auto scroll to the trip you select. If you make a selection in a very long list of trips, it will ensure that selected trip scrolls into view.

  1. Added Radio Channel support to device editor.
  2. Various smaller bug fixes. Too many to mention

September 2012

Enhanced user experience

  1. Completely redeveloped web application that is much faster, easier to use, and more flexible than ever before
  2. Multi-language options: English, French, and Spanish
  3. Bulk adding vehicles
  4. Help system that explains more about each item on the screen


  1. Fuel usage report
  2. Many reports support trending to show progress week over week or month over month
  3. New Speed profile graph that compares actual to posted roadspeed
  4. Reports improved by adding additional columns and more reports are now available for customization
  5. New simplified Trip Summary report. Allows sub-grouping to different levels and unique breakdowns
  6. View reports in PDF format
  7. Additional default reports, such as speed trending reports
  8. Ability to disable sending of a report, based on its content. This is useful if you want to generate a report but only email it to you based on a value in Excel
  9. The dashboards can now be created in different sizes
  10. Customer visits report allows selection by zone type


  1. Simple to use trips list view with clearly numbered stops, visual indicator for customer stops and exceptions and speed graph
  2. Smart legend at the bottom of the map defines all of the data on the map
  3. Tooltip shows speed and exceptions against any part of the trip
  4. Show planned vs. actual data on the map for a route plan
  5. Support for new types of web maps, including custom ones such as ArcGIS server
  6. Edit zone shape
  7. Create routes on a map and edit the routes by dragging, adding or removing points

Support for new device features

  1. IOX (Input Output Expander) - a versatile expansion of the GO6 products using simple plug in cable. Supports Garmin, Iridium, IO, 3rd Party expanders
  2. New fuel consumption information from vehicles where available
  3. Automatic backup detect
  4. Engine light on detect
  5. Improved dangerous driving in cab detection
  6. Easy to configure acceleration values in vehicle editor and exception rule editor


  1. New Rules Wizard with one click best practice rules
  2. Creating of advanced rules now Web based UI editor allowing to create more powerful rules
  3. New exception rules allowing gps and engine conditions to be combined. This allows rules such as those requiring a seatbelt to be worn when the vehicle moves
  4. Posted road speed exceptions
  5. Faster Exception Processor for calculating long running Exception Rules

Improvements in security & manageability

  1. Increased security using strong hashing algorithm for storing credentials. Passwords can never be read back out of database
  2. Support staff working on customers databases are now tracked and audited and log in using their myadmin accounts
  3. Password reset feature where email will be sent to user to allow them to select a password
  4. Debug mode allows certain vehicles to have their data files duplicated to a different path for processing in more than one database
  5. Profiling improved to allow identification of performance trouble spots
  6. Moving of groups
  7. Showing what kind of asset (vehicle, driver, exception rule, zone) is still linked to a group when you try to remove a group
  8. SDK Improvements and support for javascript REST API